Pack 281
The Colony, TX
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Join Scouting!
Cub Scouting is fun! Do you want to have fun with friends, play team sports, and go to camp? Joining Cub Scouts is the first step!

What is Scouting?

Cub Scouting is a home and neighborhood-centered program designed to support and encourage quality family involvement for boys in the first through fifth grade.

Each Cub Scout learns to respect his home, country, and other people. The program also helps boys this age to:

* Learn new physical skills through sports, crafts, and games.
* Learn how to get along with others through group activities.
* Develop personal independence.

How are Scouts organized?

Each Scout is part of a den of 6-8 boys, which meets three times a month for about 1-1.5 hours. Each month, all dens within a neighboring community come together as a Cub Scout Pack. In addition to special activities, Pack meetings include recognition for each boy and den. (There are also District and Council activities-but we can get into that later!)

The 10 Purposes of Cub Scouting Are:

1. Character Development
2. Spiritual Growth
3. Good Citizenship
4. Sportsmanship & Fitness
5. Family Understanding
6. Respectful Relationships
7. Personal Achievement
8. Friendly Service
9. Fun & Adventure
10. Preparation for Boy Scouts

What do Cub Scouts do?

Cub Scouts...

* Make New Friends
* Earn Awards
* Do Service Projects
* Participate in Derbies
* Go Swimming
* Go Camping
* Go on Field Trips
* Play Sports
* Go Fishing
* Explore Nature

Race Into Scouting!

If you want your son to have fun, excitement, outdoor opportunities, and a chance to participate in a program in which he doesn’t always have to win – instead, he learns about “Do your best” and how to be helpful to others – then we have just the program for you!

How do I Join?

Scouting is a year round program and you can join at any time. You may want to attend a Pack Meeting or our Fall or Spring Rally to get a feel for what Pack 281 is about. Feel free to email our Cubmaster for more info!

There is never pressure to join, but we are confident that your son won’t let you go without signing up!