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About Pack 480

For Boys and their Parents
We are pleased that you are part of our Cub Scout Pack. It is our hope that you and your son will find your time with the pack a rewarding and fun experience in which to continue or begin your Scouting adventure.

We have an active Cub Scout program, with Pack meetings every month, Den meetings and other experiences throughout the year. We encourage attendance at as many activities as possible. Some activities can help the boys advance through the Cub Scout ranks or earn belt loops and badges.

Just like the boys, adults can earn badges (knots) too!

Reducing the confusion
We realize that during the first year, Cub Scouts can seem a bit overwhelming with all the scout jargon (Who is this Baloo guy anyway?) and announcements of pack meetings, optional fund raisers, pack events, den meetings, and ranks.  We are here to answer any questions you may have so feel free to ask!

We need your help
We want parents to be active as well! We have numerous positions available, ranging from a once-a-year commitment to Den Leader to Pack administration. We have a Pack Committee made up of leaders and other adults, and that is always open to parents that meets on the first Thursday of the month to discuss and plans events and the fund raising necessary to help the pack go and to support the plans made by Den leaders.

We encourage parents to consider a role in which they can best use their talents and skills (i.e.,  Assistant Cubmaster, help with Fund raising event, Help setup a den/pack event, Activities Chairs or as an assistant to a position). And not to worry, there will be plenty of help to guide you along the way to helping our pack grow. Remember, all of the current adult leaders started out where you are - so just jump right up and ask the Cubmaster or another leader how you can help.

Photo Consent Form
Our website has a number of built in methods for controlling access and requires elevated permissions to post content. The leadership of the pack will do our best to constantly monitor our online presence and make any changes necessary to maintain the site. If you have any issues with the site, please contact our cubmaster or committee chair immediately.

Please report any material or photos that you do not feel should be on the site.  Also, keep in mind that your consent to participate may be revoked at any time, or on a case by case basis as deemed necessary.

All names and personal information of our cubs will not be posted with photographs.

Our Photo Consent Form can be found under the Forms link on the navigation bar to the left.

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